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20 mm Karo

20MM Advantages
High breaking strength.
(Over approximately 1,300 kg for 1 cm²)
Easy to apply, does not require specialized tiling – application master.
(Particularly for dry applications)
They can be optionally removed, renewed and re-used; they can be produced as anti-slip.
(Matt surfaces R>9, relief surfaces R11) They are resistant to thermal shocks.
Long-lasting and not exposed to change within time.
They do not absorb water…
(According to TSE EN 14411 Annex G GL B1A; water absorption level 0.5%)
Resistant to freezing and burning.
Easy to clean and wash with pressurized water.
Resistant to acids and alkalis with low and high concentration.
Resistant to mold, moss and insecticides.
More hygienic when compared with other covering material types.
Contributes to noise and heat insulation.
Applied with central and corner apparatuses.
(Only on raised floors)
They ensure that the spaces are ready to use immediately after application.
They can be used with all colors of the nature and wood.
Produced in accordance with TSE EN 14411 Standards.

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