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Aluminum Tables

When perceived Wood is perceived, touched by the feeling of Wood Aluminum Tables; It is very stylish with its general appearance for your places, it is very hot with wood texture and it is very durable product because it is produced from aluminum.

* 100% Made in Turkey. Idea in the world, design and application as a FIRST and patented product.
* Wood Texture and appearance with a feeling of wood. It gives the place a different atmosphere.
* 100% outdoor product.
* Aluminum profiles forming the table produced with a special technology; Extremely resistant to all weather conditions (Sun-Rain-Snow).
* Because it is produced from aluminum; Never rusting, deforming, cracking or bending.
* 100% Aluminum. It never requires maintenance. Provides you a serious savings with its long lifespan.
* Aluminum Tables produced in different color-models; Fully compatible with all Rattan-Aluminum-Plastic-Metal chair models.
* Model-Color-Size etc. you can select all the details yourself and create a custom table for you.

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  • Air -311

    (Turkish) Alüminyum Masa

    60×60 cm

    70×70 cm

    80×80 cm

  • Air -313

    (Turkish) Alüminyum masa

    50×50 cm

    60×60 cm

    70×70 cm